Aerial Photography & Videography of your Project, Site, Home or Acreage is now an affordable reality.


No longer do you have to expose technicians to possible injury. Our drones can take a high resolution image and a 4K video from virtually any height.


This is an area we would love to partner with a Land Surveyor on.

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Anyone can buy a drone. Just as anyone can buy a camera or use their smart phone to take photos and videos. But how many of us have the training and the eye to take truly amazing photos & videos. Art isn't a product of technology, art is a result of training and a keen sense of visualization, composition and technical knowhow.

We have been involved in photography for over

30 years and our portfolio speaks for itself.

Our drones are state of the art with 1" sensors producing glorious 4k video and high definition 20mp images

Locally owned and operated here on the east side of Hawaii no location is more than a couple of hours away and projects on sister islands are easily accommodated.

NB. If you use a UAS pilot to take photos/videos for you make sure they are FAA licensed as both the pilot & the client are financially responsible for any fines.

FAA says Realtors must use Licensed FAA Commercial Drone Pilots

Realtors Have Liability for Hiring an Unlicensed Drone Operator


Assorted images from around our island.


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